Parking At Athens Airport

Athens International Airport Parking

There are three parking options at Athens International Airport labelled P1, P2 and P3 comprising over 7,000 parking spaces.

P1 and P2: Short Term

Parking areas P1 and P2 are located on the same level as the arrivals area. You can park for up to five hours in these car parks. Stays of up to 20 minutes only are free.

P3: Long Term

Parking area P3 is for long term visitors intending to stay over 5 hours. There is a free shuttle bus service transporting passengers between the 14 pickup points within the parking area and the main terminal building. It is approximately a ten minute journey.

Executive Valet Parking Service

This convenient parking facility is available at Entrance 3 of the Athens International Airport where you can deposit your car and keys with a valet who will park your car within a designated valet parking area. It will be delivered back to you at Entrance 3 at the time you specify.

If you wish, the Executive Valet Parking Service will also clean your car inside and out while you are travelling.


Photo credit:  Julian♦H